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Things To Know Before Going To Higher Institution



Every students desire gaining admission into higher institution after their secondary education, but not every students prepare for it.

Despite the stress, unnecessary billings, long lecture day, days when student will have gotten to school and the lecturer will not show up, days of hunger, days when you will be beaten by rain and sun, days when you will be given impromptu test and assignments to mention but a few.

People will not stop applying for admission. Yet, the students, schools and country are not helping the situation.

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Ademola Adeleke

Higher institution is not a bed of roses, this is the reason why students need to prepare before entering into the academic journey.

When I said prepare, I did not mean preparing for only the things you will make use of, but preparing your mind mentally I. E be ready to do things that are not convenient for you,and you will have no choice than to do it.

Higher institution is not for the lazy ones but for those who can endure the rigourous process.

Rigourous in the sense that you must be able to adapt to all situations, think on solutions to any challenge that might come your way and be brave so that people will not cheat you.

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You must know that time management is very important so, don’t get involved in everything but get involved in the most important things that will be of benefit to you and your future. Above all, time yourself in everything you do.

Be friendly to everyone, but do not open yourself to people who could influence you negatively, you will know them based on what they set as their priority.

Be contented with all that you have because, you will see a lot of people that are wealthy more than you do, yours is to live your life according to your capacity and enjoy every best of it. Not all glitters are gold, even the rich also cry.

Do not pretend to be what you are not,let everybody sees who you really are, students do not respect people that pretend.

There will be different offer for you,offer from friends, from Lecturers, Big boys and girls on the campus, never accept the offer that you know can put your efforts and that of your parents in jeopardy.

Do not forget that every decision you make while in higher institution can make or mar your future. So do not be carried away with the sweetness in higher institution and forget the reason why you are there.

Every challenges you might face only helps in preparing you for the future and pushing you to become your best version.

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