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FG Told To Protect Importers’ Interests As Benin, Togo Receive Accolades



FG Told To Protect Importers' Interests As Benin, Togo Receive Accolades

Nigerian government has been urged to provide enabling and secured environment for the country’s based importers to do their business with ease.

This according to Comrade Oluwole Oladapo has caused many Nigerians to import their goods and materials through Benin Republic and Togo instead of coming to Lagos or through others ports in the country.

Comparing Nigeria’s borders to Cotonou’s borders on Rave FM Osogbo on Wednesday, Oladapo said Cotonou has laws and friendly business environment that makes importers do their business with ease.

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Ademola Adeleke

He stated that Nigeria’s leaders are lazy, they are using their powers irresponsibly hereby not putting things the way it should be.

Oladapo said it is safer to drop your car at Cotonou’s border than Nigeria’s border because of the charges and the lost of vehicle’s accessories at Nigeria’s borders.

According to Oladapo, “before the border was closed the seaport is as good as land border, you do your importation through the land borders and pay the approved duties.

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“The facts is that Cotonou has laws, friendly business environment that makes you do business with ease for instance, if you drop your car in Cotonou in three months you are not ready to pick you are not going to be charge for demurrage.

“In Nigeria, deliberately they will put barriers that will make sure that you are not able to start the process of clearing your vehicle for more than five days .

“Then you start being charge demurrage. Who does that? even when there is public holiday, they will say the computer is already counting.

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“So, it will count the number of days that you have for free and then you will start paying for what it is not yours.

“The business environment is so that it is left in the hands of those who are playing it, without government agencies in terms of regulations playing their roles.

“So if you have a country that is serious with her own rules and her own agencies, why won’t I do my business there, come to the land border pay the approve duties for custom and move, why won’t I do that?

“If I have a country that make sure that everything should be done the way it should be done why should I not plan my trade there?

“It is important for us to get this things clearly just like I said, those who are leading us are lazy and am not sorry about using that word.

“They will rather just use their power almost irresponsibly, if an organisation is set forth for a particular purpose it is impose on the leadership to be sure, to get information that people and organisations are playing according to the rules.

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“What you will have done in the Cotonou’s port easily becomes a very high task for you in the Nigeria port because nobody is overseeing anything nobody is attempting to put things right the way it should be.

“If you leave your car in the Cotonou for five month nothing will be wrong with it, in Nigeria they will steal things from the car at the end of the day you will still pay for the fact that your car is there to be clear and nobody will be sanction.”

Grace Shonde is a graduate of Icon Universal Polytechnic, Osogbo, with National Diploma (ND) in Mass Communication